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The best Filipino staff for you​

The Filipino domestic service is wide known all over the world for its honesty, loyalty, discretion, great adaptability, due to its efficiency and the high quality of its services.

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services UAE Agency, we have a network for Filipino domestic staff, so whatever domestic service you need, do not hesitate to contact us and get a spotless home with our professional cleaning services. Enjoy our careful services, with continuous attention and a variety of household tasks.

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Domestic Services

By providing meticulous cleaning services and ongoing maintenance, our dedicated sanitation staff acts as home care experts. We are committed to ensuring a spotless living space, relieving you of the burden of cleaning tasks.

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When a demanding job makes it difficult to pick up your children from school or help you with their studies, having additional help is beneficial. You can trust our trusted caregivers to care for your children.


If your daily schedule is saturated with responsibilities and work, free up time by letting our culinary experts help you plan your meals. Take the stress out of food preparation and enjoy life’s pleasures more.

Por qué contratar chóferes filipinos


With a professional driver, you will enjoy security, good presence and punctuality at all times. Rest easy knowing you’re in good hands and can travel with ease, whether for business or pleasure.

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You can rest assured that your garden will be well maintained and cared for by experts knowledgeable in their trade. Let us help you create an outdoor space you can be proud of and that reflects your personal style and taste.

Elderly care

Let us help you ensure that your parents and/or grandparents have the highest quality of life possible. You can trust us to provide you with professional, close caregivers who will provide care, companionship, and assistance with household tasks.

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Staff for hotels, companies and offices

We offer our services not only to individual clients, but also to hotels, companies and offices with specific needs. We take the time to understand the demands of your business and identify the ideal person who can meet your specific requirements.

Filipino domestic service in origin

Luxury Philippines D. S. Agency offers you the possibility of hiring your domestic service directly from the Philippines, with all the facilities and advantages that come with hiring domestic service in your country of origin.

Hours for domestic service

  • Internal 24/7
  • Stay-in during the week
  • Stay-in weekend
  • Full day stay-out (8 hours)
  • Stay-out half-day (4 hours)