Social Club Luxury Philippines Domestic Services UAE Agency

The Social Club Luxury Philippines Domestic Services UAE Agency

In the panorama of domestic services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), our Agency stands out as a model of community, connection and unparalleled service thanks to our Social Club LPDS UAE.

In our exclusive Club, in addition to offering luxury domestic assistance to our clients, we foster relationships, personal growth and perfection in the service we offer.


Beyond luxury service

Strengthening ties through community events

One of the unique aspects that sets our Agency apart is our unwavering commitment to maintaining a strong bond within the filipino community. At the Social Club, we organize a large number of community events in which we get our members to stay connected and foster a sense of belonging to the group.

These events are not only about work issues, since our true intention is to foster a family relationship since they are far from home. Create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Empower through training and development

At the heart of LPDS is the belief that empowerment and growth are essential for both employees and the community they serve. Therefore, we conduct regular training sessions to improve the skills of candidates, ensuring that they offer services of the highest standard.

We invest in the development of our members, equipping them not only with the skills necessary for their roles, but also with the tools to successfully navigate life in a foreign country.


Bonuses for good work and customer loyalty.

Incentivizing Good Moral Conduct

Integrity and moral conduct can sometimes take a backseat in our society, but at LPDS we place great importance on these aspects. Professionals who exhibit exemplary moral conduct are not only appreciated but also rewarded with bonuses.

This unprecedented initiative not only sets a high status for our agency’s workforce but also helps foster a culture of honesty, integrity and trust within the community.

Encourage customer loyalty through incentives

Customer loyalty is the cornerstone of any successful service-oriented business. At LPDS we recognize the loyalty of our staff with a careful incentive program. Professionals who consistently receive positive feedback and build lasting relationships with clients are recognized and rewarded. This not only motivates employees to provide exceptional service, but also solidifies the trust and bond between the agency and its clientele.

Much more than a Social Club. Much more than an Agency

With our Social Club, at LPDS we want to go beyond offering filipino domestic services to your homes, we want our professionals to establish a close bond of camaraderie, where good work and lasting relationships are part of our identity.

Through events, training programs and incentives, we achieve the best domestic services for our clients and the well-being, motivation and recognition for our team of professionals. We are convinced that promoting a sense of belonging and personal growth is the basis for providing quality service, promoting fundamental values ​​for us: good moral conduct and customer loyalty. LPDS is not just a Home Service Agency, we are community builders, mentors and a home away from home for our members.